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I am an artist.  I live a creative life.  I don’t simply create at the easel in my spare time…  When I am breathing, I am creating.  I paint on ANYTHING…not just on canvas…walls and ceilings, glassware, furniture…anything that is tangible is a canvas to  me.  I thrive on challenges and exploring new and exciting projects.  I have had little formal training, although I was fortunate to attend The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts for a brief time.  So every new subject is a learning process for me. Having a gift in art allows me to recreate what I see, basically by instinct or understanding.  Some of my favorite subjects are

Romeo by Denise DunhamEQUESTRIAN ART   I absolutely enjoy painting horses. Having grown up with a barn full of them, and feeling connected, horse portraits are a good fit for me as an artist.  I would welcome the opportunity to be commissioned to paint more horses in the future.  The first horse I ever painted is named Romeo, a Gypsy Vanner…I fell instantly in love with him.  That is one portrait I will always treasure in my heart, although it is now with Romeo’s owner in Tennessee at Villa Vanner’s.

Drew Brees Portrait

SPORTS ART   My latest challenge is sports art.  Being from Louisiana I love painting all that is Black & Gold, and throw a little purple in too!!!  I am working on a series of Historical Saints plays and players.  And my pride and joy is my LSU stadium that took over 6 months to complete.  As artists we are visual story tellers.  There are players and plays that will go down in history being remembered as the best and greatest moments, so I decided to give the fans a visual remembrance of those people and moments in time.

IN THE FUTURE    In addition to my career in the arts, I also have great hopes of teaching. Children are especially of interest to me.  I have strong belief that we are all born to be artists. Too many children give up on art when they become discouraged because too much emphasis is placed on the technical aspect.  I feel that focusing on a child’s own imagination and unique style of art should come first.  They should be encouraged based on their own abilities to develop their imagination and not encouraged to create realistic artwork too soon.  When I do start teaching I will apply those principles so I can influence more children to stay involved in art.

THAT TIME HAS COME!!!   http://studiodfineart.wordpress.com/  I am currently looking for students to enroll in my classes…check out my site for more information and feel free to contact me.

As I said, I am always creating, so check back often for my new work…God Bless and I hope you enjoy viewing my site!!!

If you are interested in any of the services I provide, purchasing an original or reproduction of one of my paintings, please email me to discuss your project… denise.artz@gmail.com


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