My Art

Faux Pear

Faux Apple

Faux Grapes

Village on Lake

Mediterranean Courtyard

                                                 Roses in Turquoise

My Purple Tulips

My Purple Tulips

Matty the Blue Crab



2 thoughts on “My Art

  1. Denise,
    you defintiely are the perfect example of the definition of a Fine Artist. You certainly have a unique and fresh style and your works are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for allowing to view your works and I have no doubts your future as an artist holds great promise.


    • Wow Larry, thank you so much for the gracious complement. I do work very hard at my craft, so getting appreciation is so rewarding. I try to take a unique approach to many of my subjects to keep my work from being boring and typical. But I do paint mostly realistic and I would love to try to paint a little looser and try some abstract art. I hope you keep an eye out for my new work, and I can always use constructive criticism too. I do look forward to seeing some financial gain here soon…Obviously there are a great number of promising artists, so I have much competition. Starting so late in life has been a disadvantage for me, but I will remain optimistic and keep working hard. Stay in touch… Denise

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