Specialty Painting and Mural Gallery

ShimmerStone Foyer

Shimmerstone Foyer

ShimmerStone in Foyer

Shimmerstone Dining Room…below chair railShimmerStone below chair railShimmerStone Shimmerstone Raised Stencil  Raised ShimmerStone Stencil Shimmerstone Tricolor Raised Stencil Raised Multi-Colored ShimmerStone Stencil SHIMMERSTONE BATHROOM…Sherwin Williams-Chalmette ShimmerStone in Sherwin Williams, Chalmette Store Travertine and granite entertainment center in media room Media Room-Travertine and GraniteTravertine-Glazed finish


Tuscan Finish

Tuscan Finish

Tuscan Finish-close up


                                 Mural Work…LSU theme room LSU stadium-Death Valley-On sun room wall of LSU fanLSU fan mural work on sun room wallEye of the Tiger on Kegerator (spell ck ? Keg is in the fridge and beer comes out of the tap).LSU fan mural work in sun roomTiger Eyes-LSU fan mural work in sun room

                                          MURAL WORK…Saints Room

Decorative Lettering-SAINTS

3-D Lettering-Saints-Close up

3-D Lettering-BELIEVE

Decorative Lettering-WHO DAT!

Lettering-super bowl champs


                                 MURAL WORK…The Solar System

Ceiling Mural of Solar System-Planets





Haileys Comet & Jupiter

Haileys Comet & Jupiter

Mars & Saturn

Mars & Saturn

Saturn & Uranus

Pluto & it’s moons


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