Hand Painted Original Glassware

I started a new type of art…hand painted glassware.  For years I dabbled in it, but when I was approached by the owners of The Wine Market in Slidell do 4 cases at Christmas time, I began to paint glassware seriously for the first time.  Of course I won’t turn down an opportunity to make money, so I jumped on it!!!.  They all sold with in the month and now I am working on seasonal glasses for them.  I am looking for several more accounts in the surrounding areas to carry my designs so they can be appreciated and available to more people.

I do not want ordinary, boring and bland so I put great deal of effort into designing unique glasses and I put much effort into the little details on each one…a great value for the high quality of artwork put into each one.

                                     BLACK & GOLD FLEUR DE LIS DESIGN 

My Fabulous Black & Gold Fleur de Lis Design

This is the glass that started my niche in painting glassware and filled my first order for The Wine Market.  They wanted a Saints inspired, black and gold fleur de lis.  I wanted mine to be totally different from all the others on the market and this is what I came up with.  We all need one to show spirit for our much loved Saints while sipping on wine…or beer.  I can make this same design on a beer mug.  Contact me, Go to my Etsy Shop, Studio D, or stop by The Wine Market to purchase yours.


Mardi Gras Mask Glasses

The Gold Mask Design

The Silver Mask Design

The Purple & Green Mask Design

                                                       OTHER DESIGNS

Grapevine Design

Hot Pink Fleur de Lis Design

All glasses are baked in the oven for durability and created using high quality glassware and paint.  I use a special paint that has a sheer quality similar to the look of stained glass.  I also use an iridescent medium in some designs to add extra sparkle.

Fabulous Black & Gold Fleur de Lis Go to my Etsy Shop to purchase

Go to my Etsy Shop to purchase Ostritch Feather Design

Elegant Initial Glass with Charm Go to my Etsy Shop to purchase

Wine Glass Charms- Go to my Etsy Shop to purchase I am now making charms to add some extra bling to my glasses or they can be purchased to add pizzazz to a set of your own glasses.


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