The Greatest Things in my Life…

There is nothing more important to me than family.  God blessed me with a Daughter, Michelle, 29 and a son Joshua, 24.  My daughter blessed me with two of the greatest granddaughters-Alexis, 12 and Lindley, 7.  As important as my art is, of course my family comes first.  There was a stretch of time when I was raising my children and dealing with being a single parent and my art was put on hold.  Now that they have grown, I am investing a great deal of time in my work.

In the past couple of years, as we all know the economy has set us all back, and financially artists are hit really hard.  My specialty painting company business dropped way down.  The solution for me was to finally pour energy into fine art, and work really hard to get the exposure.

And next in line are my two Yorkies, Mic,17ish (WOW) and Angel,13ish

Other than my family and art, I love to do photography garden, and collect rocks.

                                ALL THAT’S SPECIAL IN MY LIFE

Josh and Lindley, at almost 2yrs-One of my all time favorite pics

MY GIRLS- 2010

Lexie and Lindley-say cheeseLexie and LindleyLexie and Lindley-dancin on the beachLexie and Lindley-flyin high Lexie and Lindley-back to back


Me and the girls

Josh and my dogs, Mic and Angel

Angel modeling a TuTu for my friends at NOLA Chica.  They sell the cutest Pet and People TuTu’s.  Is she not the cutest doggie model???
awwwh-all dressed up for the Saints gameMic and Kermit-Josh thought this was hysterical…Mic didn’t agree-he’s totally outdone.

Mic is flirting and Angel is being coy

The Princess

The sweetest, most loving dog that has ever owned me…shes got my heart!!!

Josh and my Godchild Addie-Ride to watch the Super BowlJosh and Addie-two happy faces…Saints win Super Bowl!!! 31-17 on February 5, 2010

Me, Pam, and Addie on Super Bowl Sunday showing team spirit!!!  Go Saints!!!

Two special people in my life, my sister and my son. (Addie being silly)  They are responsible for helping me through the tough financial times. Without their support I would not have made it through the last 2yrs.  It is still a struggle…but getting better.                                       

                                                      Me & Josh-May 2012



Most of the flowers I paint came from my stock of pictures from flowers I grew in my garden.


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