Roses in Turquoise by Denise Dunham

I have not posted a blog in a while so I decided to use this day to get my face out there, find more followers, and hopefully sell more art.

AND TELL ALL YOU MOTHER”S OUT THERE HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  I hope it is a wonderful day and God bless you all.

If there is one thing I know about it is being a mom, since I have been a single mother for almost 30 years.  Although that seems like such a long time to me, and having done something for so long it seems I should be an expert at it.  I am not.  I made my share of mistakes along the way.  Just as I am still learning and growing as an artist, I am still learning as a mother, and hopefully growing too.

I aspire to be the best mother I can be on any given Sunday and on this Sunday, I have a message to all you very young moms…Cherish every moment…because the moments pass so quickly.  I tell people I have a gift in art, and I feel it is a blessing from God.  But the greatest blessing God gave me is not my gift in art, it is my children.  Being a mother has been the greatest blessing in my life.

As I sat next to my son and watched my 24yr old niece, cross the stage in her cap and gown at her college graduation ceremony, I remembered when she was just two years old like it was yesterday, and she was sitting in the laundry basket sucking her pacifier.  Time has flown by so quickly and I wish I could go back and start again, to fix any mistakes I have made and do it better this time.  But that will never happen and all I can do is hope that I will be loved and accepted for all the goodness I do possess as a mother.  I can only hope my successes as a mother far outweigh my failures.

If love was a measure for perfection then I would never have to worry about my failures, because I have immeasurable love for both of my children and grandchildren too.   God gave all of us mothers that gift…complete unconditional love was already there when I held both of my children in my arms for the first time…and that seems like it was just yesterday.

God bless you all on this special day when we honor our mothers…and I would like to thank my mother for being a PERFECT mom…I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!