About the Artist

Denise DunhamDenise Dunham, a professional artist, has been a resident of Slidell, LA for most of her life.   She wears many hats as an artist.  She works as a Specialty Painter and Muralist, specializing in large scale murals, sells her original art, fine art reproductions and Giclee prints and takes commissions to do paintings and portraits.  She inherited her gift in art from her late Grandmother, who was a renowned porcelain painter.  At the age of six she took her first art lesson, and continued to take lessons through her high school years.  Growing up on an 18 acre plantation home, nestled on tranquil Bayou Liberty, she developed an enormous affection for nature, animals, and being outdoors.  That great fondness has strongly influenced her work today.  Denise is dedicated to her craft and it is a significant part of her life, having never remarried, and her children being grown.

She struggled as a single mother raising her two young children, and when their father past away, the demands were even greater. Between working full time and raising her children, she didn’t find time to paint for a long spell.  There was a great void in her life without it.  She finally did pick up the brushes again, at the insistence of another artist, Robert Rucker, who saw her work.  He told her it was a sin that she was wasting a God given talent.   She believed strongly that each and every person has a unique gift God has given them to use in life; she decided to return to art.  At his suggestion she enrolled in the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art.  There she developed confidence and skill to take her art to a professional level, and give up her career in interior decorating.

Although she did receive some formal training at the academy, she is mostly self taught.  Her favorite medium is working in oils.  She has a diverse subject range since she is constantly learning and challenging herself.   Her great love of nature and animals is reflected in her artwork.  Her subjects range from flowers she grew in her own garden to a large scale rendering of the Taj Mahal.  Recently, she found a niche in the art world that is very dear to her heart-equestrian art.   As a child she was raised around horses and still has a great love for them.  Painting horses has brought a new and exciting challenge to her art career.  Another very exciting type of art she discovered when her son asked her for a painting, is sports art.  She took on the challenge of painting an actual play that occurred.  The painting came out picture perfect and she’s decided to continue to paint sports art to give sports enthusiasts in the world something to appreciate.


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